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Once You Pay For It, You Can Use It Again And Again

We will build or enhance your translation memory database allowing
re-use of approved translations for your future projects.  


This is key for organizations who continually innovate and deliver new products and services.  

Our technology will integrate with your translation memory (TM) and immediately recognize segments or sentences that have been stored.

The translation of each new phrase completed by our linguist will also be saved in the database. This ensures consistency to your style guide for new materials allowing you to benefit from direct cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When our localization team receives a file for translation, the file is analyzed against your translation memory database to determine whether a pre-existing translation is available for a given phrase.   Exact matches, also known as 100% matches, provide the highest amount of cost savings because the text already has a translation on record. The translator would simply need to verify that the pre-translated match is accurate and fits the context.
For example, if your text reads “He ran home to Main Street.” And the TM returned “He ran home on the main street.”  This would count as a Fuzzy Match, our linguist would review the string or phrase, and would address the sentence in context.  Using match analysis helps our translators maintain translation consistency, saving you money.
Phrases or sentences that are repeated continuously throughout a document are called Repetitions, and are usually discounted as 100% matches. A company that does not already have a TM cannot benefit from exact or fuzzy matches, but can benefit from repetitions.


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