Can you speak the “speak”, and walk the “talk”?  Having the right industry specific nomenclature is critical

Communicating the basics in another other language is one thing, now try talking about the medical system or financial software or the complexities of automobile engines.  If you need someone who can translate legal content in Thailand, we can do it.

When you hire us as your localization partner, you can be assured that we will match the right linguistic experts, who specialize in your industry to your localization program.  Our specialist have experience in all major global industries.  

Here is a representative list of some major industries our linguists cover:

      • Advertising & Marketing

      • Banking/Financial Services

      • Consumer Products

      • Engineering & Industrials

      • Entertainment

      • Health & Life Sciences

      • Human Resources

      • Internet & Technology

      • Legal

      • Medical

      • Non-Profit & Education

      • Retail

      • Software & Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects or clients have you delivered?

Our teams of professional translators and project managers have extensive experience working with many clients and projects.  Our client list includes high technology start-ups, software application development, electronics manufacturing, auto-parts distributors, durable goods providers, eLearning software, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations.  

While different industries have varying needs, commonalities include website localization, marketing translations, product data sheet translations, legal documentation, press releases, mobile applications and elearning adaptations.

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