Program & Project Management

100% commitment to your program. We collaborate with you early and often to ensure that your program needs are well understood and developed. Our automated translation management system ensures that your projects stay on track, so no time is wasted getting your content out.

Translation & Localization

We select the best linguist talents with the right expertise for your program. Our linguists have a long standing reputation for quality & reliability, and boast references from global and Fortune 500 companies. We work with all languages, anywhere in the world for all media and content.

Engineering & Technology

We leverage industry leading technologies to smooth our operations, ensuring that your project is done right. Our technologists will work to integrate your system with our workflow automation tool to create added efficiencies, allowing us to scale more effectively to your localization program.

Welcome to HT Localization!  It's time to Go Global!

We’re one of the fastest growing international translation agencies. Our team provides a full range of professional language translation & localization services. Including social media localization, marketing translations, website translations, software localization, eLearning materials, documentation translations, and much much more.  We are located in the US, Spain, France, Thailand and Zambia.  

You have a message to deliver... across many borders touching many cultures.  Your language will change, your message shouldn’t

We help people to “talk” in the language in which they want to “be heard”.  We help companies deliver their global message, locally.  Localization is more than just translations, it is understanding people, and how to communicate effectively.  You know that, and so do we.

Your reputation is on the line... quality is key

You can’t afford to have linguistic mistakes.  HT Localization partners with world-class translation experts and technology to provide clients with high quality language services.  We use carefully selected linguistic teams who have a long standing reputation for quality, reliability & scalability.

You need efficient and cost effective solutions... without losing the human touch 

You shouldn’t have to pay more for less.  We follow a “high-touch & high-tech,” client approach...which means that we use translation technology along with human expertise to deliver high quality multi-language services.  Our translation & localization workflow management services leverage technology to maximize productivity - hence, saving you money.  

You don’t need any more stress! Operating a global company is your job... worrying about localization is ours

We love our job!  Localization is what we do and all we do. Whether you have a one-time translation need or an ongoing translation program to manage, you can rely on HT Localization to deliver your language translation services.  

We work with all languages, anywhere in the world for all media and content. Contact Us to learn more.

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HT Localization is an international translation & localization agency offering high quality multi-lingual services. With sales & operations located worldwide, we are well positioned to provide around the globe services to meet your localization needs.


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@ A Glance

  • Founded in 2012

      Privately-held, Wyoming USA
  • Sales & Operations  San Francisco USA, Madrid Spain, Montpellier France, Lusaka Zambia and Bangkok Thailand
  • Global Linguistic Network  North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Offers  High quality, low cost multi-linguistic services in all languages covering all content and media types

Why Us

We are lean, nimble and efficient.  We don’t have huge overhead or legacy infrastructure to support, so we're cost effective and competitive.

We deliver expert service. We work with experts throughout the world to deliver superior quality, including desktop publishing needs for print and online materials.

We are technology driven. We leverage technology. This makes the work easy for us and seamless for you.