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How Can You Ensure That Your Innovation Is Understood?

You’ve spent months or even years developing your new application.
Let us help you launch it internationally.  


We understand software localization. We speak your language.

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Our resources include software engineers and technologists who practice rigorous product development methodology including - defining, designing, development, quality assurance & deployment best practices.  

The mobile applications market has exploded!

With the new generation internet mobile phones, people can reach your content and application even easier!  It's fun, fast and easier than ever to access the internet while on the go.  Mobile apps localization: IOS apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android apps, whatever you need, we're on it...

Your customers are ready, are you?  

Localization of mobile apps for your device opens up a whole new playground for your customers.  We can help you!

  • Understand technical criteria for content translations
  • Use voice-over talent to bring your app alive
  • Optimize platforms for better visibility and usability

Frequently Asked Questions

Software localization involves the user interface, help files, “read me” files, installers, legal warranties, user guides, and any installation instructions.  Any voice-over requirements in both the application and the eLearning materials must also be considered. Training materials, user documentation, customer support websites and other online resources are also part of the program.
Yes. We also support open source content management systems.  We leverage our API with a plugin which connects the backend of a Drupal or Wordpress website to our translation management system. Clients can send content directly to us for translation using the relevant CMS plugin.
Clients can access our Client Portal via the our website to initiate and track their localization project.  This web based application serves as a window to your localization projects, and is accessible via the internet…on the cloud.
Understand your market. Find out which devices are most popular in your target markets, and use that data point in developing your localization strategy. In some regions, it might make more sense to design mobile apps first for specific apps, and then roll-out more broadly. For example, based on user population: IOS, then Android, BlackBerry or Windows may be a good strategy in some countries.
Test, test, test again, and test more… your final step before you move to your next market is to test. Test your app on each platform, as well as for major mobile browsers. This will demonstrate how well an app works on various operating systems and ensure consistency.
Pseudo-localization is a testing method whereby the text (usually the strings of the software user interface) is replaced with another text to test for internationalization issues.  By testing the application with non-Latin characters and accents, such as those used in Asian and Middle Eastern languages, many issues related to UI display can be revealed early in the product development cycle.


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