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Hervé Thevenet

Hervé Thevenet

Managing Director & Co-Founder - Technology & Operations
Rachanée Thevenet

Rachanée Thevenet

Managing Director & Co-Founder - Marketing & Business Development
Lyn Jakab

Lyn Jakab

Business Development Manager, San Francisco
Debbie Parkinson

Debbie Parkinson

African Business Development Manager
Merin Thamaviriyakul

Merin Thamaviriyakul

Asian Business Development Manager
Florence Duchassin

Florence Duchassin

European Business Development Manager


Localization is more than just translations,
it's understanding people.


HT Localization is an international translation & localization agency offering high quality multi-lingual services. 
With sales and operations located worldwide, we are well poised to provide around the globe services to meet your translation needs.

Our network includes thousands of professional linguists, freelancers and technologist worldwide, ready to serve you.

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@ A Glance

@ A Glance

Founded in 2012, Wyoming USA

 Global Linguistic Network across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia 
Offering high quality, low cost multi-linguistic services in all languages covering all content and media types.
We bring San Francisco to Madrid to Bangkok.

We bring San Francisco to Madrid to Bangkok.

We help companies deliver their message locally.

 North America, USA
Europe, Spain & France
Africa, Zambia
Asia, Thailand
We deliver expert service.

We deliver expert service.

We are technology driven.

 We work with experts throughout the world to deliver superior quality, including desktop publishing needs for print and online materials.We leverage technology. This makes the work easy for us and seamless for you.


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HT Localization's Fresh New Look

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San Francisco, CA. USA

Madrid, Spain

Montpellier, France

Lusaka, Zambia

Bangkok, Thailand