You will benefit from savings created by system efficiencies

We use Translation Management System (TMS) and workflow automation to manage the complexities of your projects effectively.  

Each person on our team who touches your project will follow rigorous procedures dictated by workflow management protocols. Our TMS is customized by our technologist and built on top of the open-source platform GlobalSight.  

Our workflow automation tool will create efficiencies in our processes, allowing us to scale more effectively to the demands of your localization program.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cloud Based Translation Management system?

The term ‘cloud-based translation management system’ refers to a TM system, where the translation memory software and linguistic assets (i.e. the translation memory database, glossaries, etc.)  are hosted on remote, web-enabled servers that linguists access using either a thin client or just a standard web browser.  With a cloud-based TM system, where all linguistic assets are stored on a single centralized server, sharing translation memories among multiple linguists is effortless: teams can instantly collaborate. 

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