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You Will Benefit From Savings Created By Workflow Efficiency

We use Translation Management System (TMS) and workflow automation to manage the complexities of your projects.

You will gain added savings with quick response time   


We’ll do it.  Does it really matter how we do it? 
We keep our Production activity very lean and streamlined by leveraging our automated workflow system enabling us to deliver quickly.

Part of leaving the worry behind means trusting us to do our job well. We certainly won’t ask you to simply sit back and “trust us”. We collaborate with you and invite you to be part of our process.  Our ability to manage your program relies on our commitment towards creating a true partnership with you.  Partnership inspires teamwork.  Teamwork creates success.

Starting from our first encounter, we focus on building trust.  As we move through the program management workflow, we create transparency with open and ongoing communication.  We are dedicated to quality, productivity and efficiency. Each person on our team who touches your project follows rigorous procedures dictated by workflow management protocols.

Our TMS is customized by our technologists and built on top of the open-source platform GlobalSight.  Our workflow automation tool will create efficiency in the translation process, allowing us to scale more effectively to the demands of your localization program.  

Our client portal allows you to have a direct view on the workflow management of your project providing transparency and open communications.  

From the moment you login, you can send a project, request a quote, see the project status and send/receive messages to the project lead.  This communication channel helps facilitate collaboration on more complex projects so that questions can efficiently be addressed as they arise.

If you already have a user ID and Password, you may log in to the Client Portal.  To request a new user ID and Password, please email your account manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

The term “cloud-based translation management system” refers to a TM system, where the translation memory software and linguistic assets (i.e. the translation memory database, glossaries)  are hosted on remote, web-enabled servers that linguists access using a thin client or a standard web browser.  With a cloud-based system, all linguistic assets are stored on a single centralized server; hence sharing translation assets among multiple linguists is effortless. Teams can instantly collaborate.
Yes. We also support open source content management systems.  We leverage our API with a plugin which connects the backend of a Drupal or Wordpress website to our translation management system. Clients can send content directly to us for translation using the relevant CMS plugin.
Clients can access our Client Portal via the our website to initiate and track their localization project.  This web based application serves as a window to your localization projects, and is accessible via the internet…on the cloud.



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