If someone could take away the stress of daily program and project management of your localization needs, what would you do with your free time? 
Wouldn’t you like to trust someone else to worry about your language translation and localization program?  When you work with HT Localization, you will love us.  We will roll up our sleeves and hammer out the details for you. Your program manager will immediately connect with you to begin collaborating for your initiative and start building your team of experts:
  • Account Manager

  • Program Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Linguistic Talents

  • DTP experts

  • Engineering 

  • Quality Assurance


 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use a multi-language service provider for our translations, can’t we just do it ourselves?

Many global businesses need support for optimizing their translation processes.  According to Common Sense Advisory, nearly 90 percent of companies outsource their translation and localization work.  Of course some organizations choose to handle localization in house, but not everyone has the resources, expertise, interest or time to handle translation in house effectively. By selecting a localization partner, you gain immediate scale & expertise. You can focus on your core business, and let us focus on ours.  HT Localization can optimize your program and save you valuable time, money and energy.


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