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If Someone Could Take Away The Daily Project Management Stress Of Your
Localization Program... What Would You Do With Your Free Time? 

Wouldn't you like to trust someone else to worry about your language translation and localization program? 


Your customers deserve quality that only experience can deliver. 
When you work with HT Localization, you will love us. We roll up our sleeves and hammer out the details. 

We collaborate with you early and often to ensure that your program needs are well understood and developed. Our automated translation management system ensures that your projects stay on track, so no time is wasted getting your content out.

Your program manager will immediately begin collaborating and building your team of experts for your initiative:

  • Account Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Linguistic Talents
  • DTP experts
  • Engineering 
  • Quality Assurance

Whether it's your program manager in Spain or your translators in Brazil  and Korea,  or your desktop publishers in China,  you can be assured that each person who touches your localization program will "handle" it with the skill of a true master.  

100% commitment to your program. Excellence in Service delivered every time, all the time.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Many global businesses need support in optimizing translation processes.  According to Common Sense Advisory, nearly 90% of companies outsource their translation and localization projects.  While some organizations choose to handle localization in house, not everyone has the resources, expertise or time to handle translation effectively. By selecting us as your localization partner, you gain immediate scale & expertise. You can focus on your core business, and let us focus on ours.
Many free online translation services are straight machine translations. In some cases, such as on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, a free translation service provides quick real time translations that may or may not get the idea across.  The risks are poor grammar, mistakes and errors in translation. For business materials, such as marketing or legal documents, and complex localization projects, we recommend using a professional translation service provider who has extensive experience in business translations, project management, quality assurance, proofreading and review methodologies.
Sure. For some projects, that might be the better option.  For example, if you have a personal document such as a CV or a non-profit community project, using a freelancer that you know and trust might provide you with exactly what you need. However, if your business relies on translations to support its global expansion, including multiple language translations, proofreading, reviewing and quality assurance, you’d be better served by working with us.  You need to decide what level of quality, service and expertise is right for you.


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