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HT Localization Press Releases


Key Milestones & Timeline

May - HT Localization 
Client Satisfaction Survey 2017 Results Announced
March - HT Localization celebrates 5th anniversary milestone 
March - The company expands website to include Russian and Simplified Chinese, along with Hindi, French, Spanish and English.

August  - Pre-launch of new company website v2.0.

October - HT Localization Europe partners with Madrid universities to provide localization & translation Master's program students with practical training internships.

August  - Aruba Networks selects HT Localization Europe as its EMEA localization partner
April  - HT Localization Client Testimonials: Client Satisfaction Survey Results 2014 Announced

November - HT Localization Europe is established to support European operations.
April - Be Green with HT Localization: Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Policy program launched.
February - HT Localization Expands to France.

December  - HT LOCALIZATION's founder, Hervé THEVENET, presents at France’s International Commerce CLASSE EXPORT Exposition. 
September - HT Localization LLC established as WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) contractor for USA government. 
July  - HT Localization Kicks-off New Blog Series: Language Translations for Real Life - Articulating multi-lingual influences on the modern life.
May  - Tech Highlights: New Client Portal launched, Hindi and Spanish versions of HTL website launched.
April - HT Localization expands to San Francisco. 
April - Ruckless Wireless in Silicon Valley selects HT Localization as its preferred localization services partner. 
March - Sales offices established in Bangkok and Zambia. 
March - HT Localization LLC established in USA.


HTLocalization Untranslatable foreign words that should have their own English terms dailym.ai/2uyQcEr via @Femail
02:36PM Jul 20
HTLocalization Do you know 5 fun facts about Sweden? lnkd.in/d9jE_69
11:02AM Jun 14
HTLocalization Kudos for a job well done and to our fantastic team of translation & linguistic experts! lnkd.in/dpMK3M4
11:54AM May 10


HT LOCALIZATION 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

May 2017 - HT LOCALIZATION 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey Results Announced. Kudos to a great team!

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