How can you ensure that your innovation is properly understood by your users?

Product development is hard work. We know this. You’ve spent months or even years developing your new application.  Let us help you launch it internationally.  We understand software localization. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in software localization?

Software localization involves more than just the UI (user interface), not only should you include all the text on the application GUI, but also help files, “read me” files, installers, legal warranties, user guides, and any installation instructions.  Training materials and user documentation with customer support websites and other online resources are also part of the program.  Considerations are also needed for any voice-over translation requirements in both the application and the eLearning materials.

What is Pseudo-localization testing?

Pseudo-localization is a testing method whereby the text (usually the strings of the user interface of software) is replaced with another text to test for internationalization issues.  By testing the application with non-Latin characters and accents, such as those used in Asian and Middle Eastern languages, many issues related to UI and display can be revealed early in the product development cycle.

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