A whole new market has opened up with mobile applications 

With the new generation internet mobile phones, people can reach your content or application even easier!  Its fun, fast and easier than ever to access the internet while on the go.  

Mobile apps localization: IOS apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android apps, whatever you need, we're on it...

Your customers are ready, are you?  

Localization of applications for your mobile device opens up a whole new playground for your customers.  

We can help you!

  • Understand technical criteria for content translations

  • Use voice-over talent to bring your app alive

  • Optimize platforms for better visibility and usability


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fastest growing mobile apps markets?

The fast-growing emerging markets for mobile apps outside of East Asia are Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.

What are some considerations to localizing mobile devices for international markets?

Understand your market. Find out which devices are most popular in your target international markets, and use that information to develop your localization strategy. In some regions, it might make more sense to design mobile apps first for specific apps, then roll-out to others. (For example, based on user population, first Apple IOS, then Android, BlackBerry or Windows may be a better strategy in some countries).

Then, Test, Test again, and Test more… your final step before you move on to localize for your next market is to keep testing. Test your app on each platform for which they have localized, as well as for major mobile browsers. This will demonstrate how well an app works on various operating systems and ensure consistency.

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