Can you afford to have your positioning off?

Have you ever wondered why a new product launched in one country with overwhelming success, while the same product completely flopped in another country?  

We all know about the famous soft drink brand that launched an infamous campaign in China, that mistakenly promised to bring back their ancestors. How could a major global brand make such a disastrous mistake? (see the blog articles on International Success in China)

Our localization experts will ensure that your product message stays intact across cultural boundaries.  We cover all marketing and advertising materials including:

  • Print and online advertising translation

  • Ad and email campaigns translation

  • Website translation

  • Search engine marketing

  • Collateral translation

  • Public relations materials translation

  • Packaging translation

  • Direct mail translation


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure quality and consistency in my messaging across different markets?        
Style Guide and Glossaries are the key to consistency across projects and borders.  How one adapts an idea can be very subjective and might vary from person to person.  Take the example, “That’s a smart outfit you are wearing.”  What does it mean?  If a translator were to translate the world “smart” and translate it using synonyms, you might  get “That’s an intelligent outfit”, or “That’s a brilliant outfit” or “That’s a sharp outfit”…each phrase means something slightly different.  If you want to ensure a certain message to be used each time and across each language, then you need to have a company Style Guide and a Glossary. 

How is Marketing Translation different than Transcreation?
Marketing translation is the process of adapting marketing materials into local markets and local languages for globalization of a brand or product.  Marketing translation ensure that the company’s positioning and voice is consistent throughout all marketing materials including websites, collateral, packing, product specifications and brochures for foreign markets. However, if you want to customize or test market your company’s position and image for a specific market, you might want Transcreation expertise.  
Transcreation experts take your content or storyboard as a baseline, and bring in creativity and reposition it with unique copywriting and editorial review in the local language.  Trancreation is like hiring PR or brand management expertise from another country to develop your local advertising campaign.  Since Transcreation is highly specialized and creative intensive, a higher level of collaboration, time and costs commitments are usually associated with this compared to Marketing Translations. Talk to us to determine which is better for your international marketing and advertising needs.

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