Optimize your training programs across the globe locally

It is a proven fact that people learn differently. Learning is as much of an art as a science.  Billions of dollars are put against producing high quality state of the art training programs for a reason - employers understand that effective education programs lead to successful employees.  You can not afford to miss the mark when it comes to tailoring education programs to your local offices across the globe.  We will work with you to localize your education materials, including:

  • Computer-based training

  • Web-based training

  • eLearning and multimedia applications 

  • Classroom-based instruction materials

  • Certification and Assessment programs 

 (see the latest Blog article on eLearning Localization)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved in localizing eLearning materials?

The learning experience can vary greatly by how the information is presented. Localizing eLearning material will depend on the type of content, the presentation platform and the audience’s culture. Consideration will need to be given to user interface, voice narration, and if any multimedia platforms are used.  Sometimes selecting the right voice and delivery speed can make the difference as to how effective new information is processed by a person. The goal is to not to simply translate content, but to make the learning experience effective for the audience.

How can Multimedia enhance my eLearning program?

Multimedia can enhance your training program by allowing the learner to receive the material using visual and audio cues designed to stimulate the learning experience.  For example, presenting material in text only may not be as effective as also providing sound effects, as people learn both visually and by listening.  Flash media, videos and other visual effects will not only bring alive the content, but can also make the experience more memorable, hence enhancing the learning process.

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