Say what you want,  how and where you want to say it

Your message is important. Cultural review and localization help to prevent some embarrassing communication mishaps.

  • Style Guide - provides consistent translation and tone across all languages

  • Reformatting Content - allows for visual text flow in context

  • Graphic Localization - ensures that the artwork doesn’t alienate local cultures

  • Cultural Review - ensures that the content doesn’t harbor any unappealing cultural connotations

 Every type of document matters, and we work with all material:

    • Annual reports

    • Employee communications

    • Instruction manuals

    • Legal documents

    • Letters and business communications

    • Marketing collateral

    • Packaging materials

    • Press releases

    • Product copy

    • Operator manuals & User Guides

    • Technical specification documents


Frequently Asked Questions

What document file formats do you work with?

We can work with virtually all file formats. It is usually best to send us the text straight from the source file, as it will require less conversion. 

  • For website translations, you can send the content in html, xml or any variations straight from your WCMS; if it supports web services extensions, we can also integrate it to our Translation Management System with our API. Ask about our existing connectors.  
  • For brochures and data sheets requiring desktop publishing or design layout, providing the source file (ie. Adobe Indesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, etc.) will require less manual manipulation, thus more consistency when development the final document for print or PDF versions.
  • We can also work from PDF files but this will involves additional costs to re-create the file in the final format. This is because PDFs are not meant to be edited, and although there are some tools out there that allows to do minor edits inside a PDF file these usually do not cut it when it comes to translating a document because layout & characters are impacted.

Can you help with DTP?

Yes, we can help fulfill your desktop publishing needs. When producing a brochure in a foreign language it is very important to ensure that the text alignment within the layout is correct.  When the characters are different than the source language (ie. English versus Chinese), the layout may need to be reset or aligned ensuring that the new text is properly displayed.  Our DTP specialists not only know DTP tools, but also know the target language in which your final document will be delivered. 

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