Whether you need a generalist or a specialist, when you select HT Localization as your translation agency, you will have access to the people who know your material and can convey the message the right way.


Everything and anything can be localized. No matter how you reach your audience, your message should be consistent. Whether in print or online or via multimedia channels, we will work with you to localize your materials so that you maintain a consistent voice. 


You´ve strived to spread your message across the globe. Our in-country linguists and reviewers ensure that your message is exactly what you want it to be. We make sure that your message is on target culturally.

Do you need translations or localization services - what’s the difference

Your audience may require both to really grasp your message, that’s where we come in...

Translating is expressing words or phrases from one language to another. In other words, taking a set of words and providing contextual meaning in a different language. 

Localization includes translations with respect to words and grammar, but also adapts graphics and details with respect to cultural connotations, habits and preferences. (see Blog articles on Cultural Connotations and Colors) Localization is an integral part of the process of globalization.

We work with all languages, anywhere in the world for all media and content.  

We specialize in translation and localization services for the following types of materials.

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