You will gain added savings with quick response time 

Our client portal allows you to have a direct view on the workflow management of your project providing transparency and open communications.  

From the moment you login, you can send a project, request a quote, see the project status and send/receive messages to the project lead.  This communication channel helps facilitate collaboration on more complex projects so that questions can efficiently be addressed as they arise.

If you already have a user ID and Password, you may log in to the Client Portal

To request a new user ID and Password, please email your account manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your portal considered Cloud Based technology?

The word cloud is used as a metaphor for the Internet. In reality, the cloud is just the latest iteration of a concept that has been called many things in the past including ASP (application service provider), on-demand, utility computing and as a service (Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service).  Clients can access our Client Portal via the HT Localization website to initiate and track their localization project.  This web based application serves as a window to your own localization world, and since it is hosted via the internet, it’s on the cloud.

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