News from MultiLingual

  1. QA Distiller 9
    New features include a faster XML parser and the ability to add alternative language codes to automatically detect languages
  2. Translavic celebrates 10 years
    The translation service provider specializes in Eastern European languages
  3. BeyondWordz
    Shakti Enterprise has created a separate brand focused on website localization
  4. Globalyzer 4.6
    Latest version features enhanced JavaScript internationalization and introduces the ability to filter/retain string literals that are compared with, or assigned to, variables
  5. Identifiers assigned to language resources
    ELRA and LDC have collaborated to provide the ISLRN 13-digit ID to all the language resources distributed in their respective catalogues
  6. WIPO Pearl terminology portal
    The database currently contains 14,951 concepts; 91,152 terms; and features 10 languages
  7. Lingotek Translation Management System
    The new component of The Translation Network is designed for multivendor translation and enables brands to choose any translation agency for in-workflow translation
  8. memoQ 2014 R2
    The latest version includes features such as sharing translation memories and termbases, web-based project management and a more user-friendly segmentation rules editor
  9. Book on marketing tips for translators
    Written by Tess Whitty in the format of a cookbook, each recipe contains a list of ingredients, action steps, resources and further actions
  10. New translator workbench, Open Data Initiative
    Gengo's real-time information on support, translation quality, speed, capacity and overall performance of its platform