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Industry News

Lionbridge selected by Kreg Tool

Company will provide translation services for European expansion of manufacturer of tools and accessories for do-it-yourself and woodworking enthusiasts

New hires at Iconic

Rana Das joins as a technical lead, Gabriele De Carli as a senior software developer, and Raj Patel as a machine translation scientist.

Spec Check

Moravia's specialty localization service to ensure translation accuracy meets all Chinese legal requirements

xl8 review

The review project focuses on products useful to translators and will initially be available as a monthly review

Protemos 2.2

The user interface has been updated so that the translation business management system can be used on a mobile phone

Conversis hires marketing manager

Simon Halls will oversee the delivery of the company's digital and print marketing and social media strategies

UNIFY Media Workbench

Cloud-based, multimedia translation automation tool developed by inWhatLanguage

CGT Commit Global ISO 27001 certified

The company has also launched a new website

International revenue as a financial benchmark

Report analyzes why international revenue is a key indicator for organizational maturity levels


The cloud-based system is designed to connect to any content repository, whether it is website, software or marketing content


HTLocalization Untranslatable foreign words that should have their own English terms via @Femail
02:36PM Jul 20
HTLocalization Do you know 5 fun facts about Sweden?
11:02AM Jun 14
HTLocalization Kudos for a job well done and to our fantastic team of translation & linguistic experts!
11:54AM May 10

Current Fun Fact

Is Zulu is the mother tongue of over 20% of which country’s people?

Is Zulu is the mother tongue of over 20% of which country’s people?

isiZulu is the most common language spoken by around 12 million people…


HT LOCALIZATION 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

May 2017 - HT LOCALIZATION 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey Results Announced. Kudos to a great team!

San Francisco, CA. USA

Madrid, Spain

Montpellier, France

Lusaka, Zambia

Bangkok, Thailand