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Industry News

GLOBO acquires CTI

GLOBO worked with CTI to interpret Pope Francis' remarks during his Papal visit to the United States in 2015

Memsource supports Google Translate Premium Edition

The new neural machine translation interface is available to customers on a case-by-case basis only


ULG TMS integrating machine translation, application program interface connector technologies and computer-assisted translation tool capabilities

New website for Geneva Worldwide

The company provides services such as translation, transcription and interpreting in over 180 languages

Beebox Connector for WHATS'On

Connector for broadcast management software by MediaGeniX

lexiQA partners with Linguistic Centre

Companies offer a combination of language services and quality assurance

Commit celebrates 20 years

The company is headquartered in Athens, Greece

New business development manager at Wordbee

Herb Fyfield's experience includes localization and translation consulting and management

CETRA celebrates 20th anniversary

Company provides services to government, nonprofit and corporate clients, including the market research, legal and life science industries

Memsource Client Portals

Designed to enable a client to order, monitor and receive translations in one secure location


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Current Fun Fact

Is it possible to travel around Ireland only speaking Irish?

Is it possible to travel around Ireland only speaking Irish?

One would think that being the first official language of the Republic…


HT LOCALIZATION Celebrates 5th Anniversary Milestone

March 2017 - HT LOCALIZATION LLC pledges 5% of sales during Woman's History Month to the Girls Scouts of America

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