News from MultiLingual

  1. New hire at BTI Studios
    Elodie Brulere-Powers has over 18 years’ experience in localization and held top positions in companies such as SDI Media and Woods Media Group
  2. Translation Quality Assessment Service
    Net-Translators' assessment checklist includes over 40 bug types and covers each category where problem types can occur
  3. New hires at Plunet
    Marco Göbel has joined the Würzburg-based product management team. Rosa López has joined Berlin's business unit implementation team
  4. Unicode 8.0 Character Database, Code Charts and Annexes
    Updates include a total of 7,716 characters, encompassing six new scripts and many new symbols, as well as character additions to several existing scripts
  5. Morningside acquires AC Translations, opens London office
    Both companies specialize in patent, legal, medical, pharmaceutical and corporate translation services
  6. New location and look for Lingua Greca
    The company has renamed its blog in addition to relocating and launching a new website designed to be an online portal of information for people involved in the translation business
  7. IBM Watson integrated with STVHub
    The company has begun an integration of the IBM Watson translation API with STVHub, its cloud-based subtitling platform
  8. Pairaphrase
    Language Arts & Science cloud-based automated translation application designed for business translation
  9. Lingotek, Marketo connector
    Lingotek and Aries TCO have partnered to create a marketing automation translation process within Marketo's marketing automation software solution
  10. ALTO 1.2
    Game audio localization tool now features the ability to generate placeholder dialogue files in other languages, from lines of text