News from MultiLingual

  1. TMS Live relaunch
    The an interactive tool enables companies to identify and compare the translation management system (TMS) options that best meet their requirements
  2. Kilgray hires vice president of sales and marketing
    Bryan Montpetit provided international IT consulting/localization services before moving on to offer language technology consulting services early in his career
  3. LookUp knowledge module
    New functionality added to web-based total terminology management solution
  4. Localization Training rebrands
    The company provides training for professionals in the language services, documentation and software engineering fields
  5. Translation project management ebook
    "How to manage your Translation Projects," by Nancy Matis, is available as a digital download in English and in print in French
  6. Promotion at TransGlobe
    Former quality control manager, George Simeonov, will become director of business development
  7. Smartling custom workflows
    Functionality designed to enable companies to manage complex translation processes in-house
  8. EMTGlobal 4.0
    Updates include user-initiated adaptation and new features that support managing operations in large scale deployments
  9. HyperSTE 6.0
    New features include a centralized dictionary functionality and compatibility with new authoring environments
  10. Termcheck 2.0
    The new version supports a flexible capitalization check feature and updated error report structure and word forms terminology verification