Frequently Asked Questions About Translations and Localization 

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Why should we use a multi-language service provider for our translations, can’t we just do it ourselves?

What are your linguistic credentials and certifications?

How do you qualify your translators?

Can’t I simply use a free online translation service?

Can’t I find cheaper translations services using freelancers?

What types of projects or clients have you delivered?

What document file formats do you work with?

Can you help with DTP?

What’s involved in localizing eLearning materials?

How can Multimedia enhance my eLearning program?

In which languages should we translate our website and marketing materials?

How can I ensure quality and consistency in my messaging across different markets?

How is Marketing Translation different than Transcreation?

What are the fastest growing mobile apps markets?

What are some considerations to localizing mobile devices for international markets?

What’s involved in localizing Multimedia materials?

What should I consider when selecting voice-over talents?

What’s the difference with a timed script and a free flow script?

Should I go with subtitles instead of voiceover, or a combination of both subtitles and voice talent?

What is included in software localization?

What is Pseudo-localization testing?

How can I save money using Machine Translations (MT)?

Is MT the same as using “Google Translate” or “BING”?

What are Matches, Fuzzy Matches and Repetitions?

What is a Cloud Based Translation Management system?

Can your technology integrate with Drupal and WordPress?

Is your portal considered Cloud Based technology?

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