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July 12, 2012  Madrid, Spain - HT Localization kicks-off their new Blog Series: Language Translations for Real Life -A series articulating multi-lingual influences on the modern life

HT Localization LLC. a translation and localization agency with offices in San Francisco and Madrid announced their new blog Language Translations for Real Life Series.  A series of articles articulating multi-lingual influences on the modern life will be launched in the upcoming weeks to help bring home the essence of language in everyday life.  In today’s global society, crossroads are connecting borders and lives at an amazing pace.  It is no longer uncommon to be born multi-ethnic, raised multi-lingual, to have dual or even triple nationalities, or to live in one city where literally hundreds of languages are spoken.  Translation and localization aren’t just a requirement for businesses, but also for everyday people living and working in this world.

“Our goal is ‘to make it real’, language is critical to our lives” says Rachanee Thevenet, Co-Founder of HT Localization.  Globalization touches people not only in regards to businesses, but for personal activities.  It’s not only a sales or marketing tool for businesses to expand internationally, but a necessity for people to function effectively in today’s world.  “Take for example, expats living in a foreign country.  They need to take local driving exams, find doctors and schools for their kids, understand contracts and local laws, navigate the Social Services, these things can be hard to get your head around if you are not from that area, imagine trying it when you’re not fluent in the local language” adds Rachanee Thevenet.  

HT Localization will "make it real” with this new blog series by exploring life themes such as, needs for expats, international relationships and marriages, raising multi-lingual kids, localization of popular world legends, religion and of course the old American English vs. British English debate, to name a few.  “I hope to share some of my personal experiences and observations on how language and translations are impacting lives, at the very least, this should make for some interesting reading” says Rachanee Thevenet.

Here’s an excerpt of the first segment of HT Localizations Presents Language Translations for Real Life Series, where HT Localization explores: Expats Have Translation Needs Too! 

…Let me tell you about a story about a young girl… in a small village, where her family tree was deeply rooted for generations.  One day as she was walking home from school, through an Asian countryside, and she saw an old monk under a tree.  The old monk beckoned her to join him under that tree… she obediently kneeled beside him under the tree.  He told her to pull out her palm… He told her a story about her future… she would one day move far away across a big ocean and settle in a foreign land…and…

Read the full story and subscribe to the new Blog: Language Translations for Real Life Series


HT Localization, LLC. is a worldwide translation & localization agency providing a full range of professional language translation services, including marketing translations, website translations, software translations, eLearning materials, documentation translations, etc. With locations in the US, Spain, Zambia & Thailand, and coverage across all languages and most industries, HT Localization provides around the globe services for all translation needs.   


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