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October 1, 2012  Paris, France - HT Localization Broadens Social Media Reach with France Based Viadeo 

HT Localization, an international translation and localization agency based in the U.S., engages its European audience with the French based social media platform - Viadeo.  Viadeo is an online social networking platform, similar to the American based LinkedIn.

The Viadeo Group was founded in 2004 in Paris, and is quickly becoming the leading professional networking platform in France and within the European French community. The Viadeo Group has over 45 million registered users and supports social networking platforms in 8 languages, compared to LinkedIn’s 175 million worldwide users.

HT Localization’s co-founder, Hervé Thevenet has been working with social networking platforms since the mid 2000’s and was involved with LinkedIn’s early localization efforts to launch into select international markets, which eventually expanded into the 18 languages currently offered by the LinkedIn platform today.

“Effective social networking platforms will allow customization within a specific language, but also integration with potential users in other languages. A global social platform should be designed to allow content to be translated between multiple languages across various user populations.” says Hervé Thevenet.  The manner by which the localization is achieved will depend on the global social media strategy, platform and goals of the company.  

An effective global social media strategy will leverage the right social platforms and engage the audience in the local language. “To effectively reach international clients and expand abroad, companies must also understand the country’s social habits and bring them into networking platforms in a manner that does not conflict with another country’s social habits.” adds Hervé Thevenet.

Viadeo has predominantly been viewed as the European version of LinkedIn and is a key platform in Europe. Viadeo’s Tianji platform is the largest professional network in China, with over 10 million members and rapidly growing.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are clear front runners in the race for social networking supremacy; however, there are other contenders: Viadeo, XING, BranchOut, GooglePlus, Pinterest and Microsoft’s 

HT Localization has primarily served the translation and localization needs of technology firms based in the U.S., but is expanding to include more European companies.  Together with Viadeo and Linkedin, HT Localization can better leverage social networks to engage Europeans who require more robust and cost effective localization solutions.

HT Localization, LLC.  is an international translation agency providing a full range of professional language translation, localization and globalization services, including social media localization, marketing translations, website translations, software translations, eLearning materials,  and documentation translations, with coverage across all languages and most industries. HT Localization provides around the globe services for all translation needs.  

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