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November 6, 2012  Lyon, France - Join HT LOCALIZATION at France’s International Commerce CLASSE EXPORT Exposition Lyon 2012

CLASSE EXPORT Exposition is France's premier exposition for international business leaders. CLASSE EXPORT brings together globalization leaders, international commerce experts and local businesses to share best practices for successful internationalization and global expansion efforts.  

The 22nd edition of CLASSE EXPORT international commerce exposition will be held in EUREXPO Parc in Lyon, France on December 4 and 5, 2012.  This is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations who want to gain key insights and success factors for globalization and internationalization. CLASSE EXPORT will host several forums discussing the state of the economy, global business climate, and regional factors for success.   The Expo will offer a unique opportunity for intellectual exchange and networking with key international business leaders and globalization experts, who will provide practical advice on how to develop a successful global expansion program in today’s environment.

The founder of HT LOCALIZATION, Hervé THEVENET will be amongst the international leaders at the Expo sharing important insights on globalization, translation and localization.  Hervé THEVENET has over 20 years of business experience in localization, consulting, design, development and deployment of business application. His breadth of experience reaches Africa, Europe and North America in various industries including localization, software consulting services, financial services and network security.  As a seasoned leader in the localization industry, he has worked with global clients such as Apple, General Electric, SAP Business Objects and LinkedIn.

HT LOCALIZATION is an international translation agency providing a full range of professional language translation and localization services, including social media localization, marketing translations, website translations, software localization, eLearning materials, documentation translations, etc.  With Sales & Operations located San Francisco CA, Madrid Spain, Lusaka Zambia and Bangkok Thailand, and a Global Linguistic Network spanning North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, HT LOCALIZATION provides around the globe localization services covering all languages across all major industries.

For more info: 

CLASSE EXPORT Communiqué de Presse, Lyon, le 25 octobre 2012 (Français)

HT LOCALIZATION Communiqué de Presse (Français)

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